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Reservations Africa was Established in 2015, in Johannesburg, South Africa. It falls under the umbrella company, Advie Group of Companies. Within its first embryonic stages we managed to have a lot of  hotels and guest houses sign up on our platform. Our focus is African Hotels which are strategically placed in areas full of African Adventures, business, relaxation and luxury.

A lot of customers who want a room for a night or longer, find our site quite helpful and user friendly. Quick responses from the team and the instant booking make most customers want to use our site.

The Global business world is becoming smaller by the day hence people are in constant search for accommodation, car hire, cheap flights etc. On Reservations Africa we have made it easy for our business customers by searching for convenient accommodation with the comfort that is needed. Not forgetting a ONE STOP SHOP for all the travel needs

As for the guests that love adventure, luxury or safari’s you can find all you need on www.reservations-africa.co.za.

Reservations Africa has focused on African Hotels and destinations to show the world the beauty that Africa holds. From the Pyramids, to the dense forests all the way to the African Big Five, you sure to find something that will quench your curiosity. Not forgetting the beautiful beach fronts and garden accommodation its all your choice.

We are always ready  to provide the best service to our Customers and Partners. We try to respond to queries within 48hrs. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions for your question might have been asked and answered already.

Work hard. Play hard.

Everyone needs to have a break after hard work as the saying goes “Work Hard, Play Hard”. Where best to look for both the work hard accommodation and when you done working look for the place you want to play hard by looking though some of our hand picked adventures and tours.

Our Approaches

We do don’t approve places we would not be able to sleep in ourselves.


Rockstar Team

Reservations Africa has a dedicated team that works hard to ensure that both the customers and partners are satisfied with both the platform and the customer service provided by the team. The developer and the graphic design team ensure that the site is user friendly and functioning to the best it can. If you feel that at any time the standard of service is not to you satisfaction please feel free to contact us, we are always open to suggestions and discussions. Please email us on info@reservations-africa.co.za.

All Reservations in one place
Advie Tuso


All Reservations in one place
Helen Tuso (Lady H)


All Reservations in one place
Richard Matanda

Graphic Designer

All Reservations in one place
Kudzi Tuso


All Reservations in one place

Project manager

All Reservations in one place

Head of customer service

All Reservations in one place
Patience Shamwarira

Marketing Manager

All Reservations in one place
Jenny Mats

Social Media Officer

Want to Join Our Team

We at Reservations Africa believe in growth and as the business grows we are constantly looking for new team members. Please feel free to contact us or send your CV to info@reservations-africa.co.za. We look forward to hearing from you.

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